Land Acquisition Consulting

Land acquisition and construction feasability. KREW will visit your site to give you a checklist/report of pro’s and con’s for the lot you are interested in purchasing to give you an understanding of any concerns from a Builders perspective. This will give you the confidence to either close on the purchase or to continue your search. We will evaluate location of utilities, potential environmental concerns, constructability or feasability of construction. We usually perform this service when a client is in the due diligence period of their escrow, usually within the 17-day window before contingencies are removed as part of your land purchase. This allows you to back out of the deal if something negative is found to avoid losing earnest deposit. One-time fee of $1,500 for this service. Disclaimer that we are not held liable for information not found during this study and indemnified from any future claim that may arise due to information unforeseen.


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