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Construction Consulting throughout your build

This service can be customized to your needs or skill level. From the occasional question via email or phone to site walks, assist with reviewing subcontractor proposals and subcontracts, putting together weekly schedules, walking pre and post inspections with City and County, etc. We can build a consulting program to fit your needs. Cost for this service will be provided after consultation.
Construction Consulting
Land Acquisition-Consulting

Land Acquisition Consulting

Land acquisition and construction feasability. KREW will visit your site to give you a checklist/report of pro’s and con’s for the lot you are interested in purchasing to give you an understanding of any concerns from a Builders perspective. This will give you the confidence to either close on the purchase or to continue your search. We will evaluate location of utilities, potential environmental concerns, constructability or feasability of construction. We usually perform this service when a client is in the due diligence period of their escrow, usually within the 17-day window before contingencies are removed as part of your land purchase. This allows you to back out of the deal if something negative is found to avoid losing earnest deposit. One-time fee of $1,500 for this service. Disclaimer that we are not held liable for information not found during this study and indemnified from any future claim that may arise due to information unforeseen.


Construction Budget

A lot of people don’t know what it costs to build a house these days due to the volatility of the market, so we have people reach out to us to ask, “how much a square foot to build a house”? This is a loaded question without spending a lot of time reviewing the drawings and nailing down finishes the homeowner is expecting. Not to mention prices change monthly due to supply and demand issues. We will talk with you over the phone to understand the finishes you want to use on your house. Then we can provide a budget for your build based on the information and plans you provide to us. This gives you a tool to decide if you want to move forward with your build before wasting more time and money. It also gives you the cost you will need to ask the bank for when applying for a construction loan. On-time fee of $2,500


Construction Budget
Preconstruction Design Consulting

Preconstruction and design consulting

Once you have secured your lot or land and you are ready to start design, we will have our design team, work with you to develop all of the plans/construction docs you will need to submit to the County or City for permit approval. Cost for this service will be provided after consultation, cost depends on size of build, location, and type of Construction.

KREW Construction, build my Custom Home for me!”:

If your custom home construction cost is $700k we charge 15% on top, total cost of construction with KREW fee would be $805K. Typical build time is 9-12 months once we break ground. This is a turnkey service for your custom home build. 15% of build cost or cost plus 15%, same thing just two ways to say it.

Build Custom Home
Commonly Used Forms

Commonly Used Forms

All forms and checklists you will need to assist you with your build. Design checklists, Construction Schedule, Excel cost tracking spreadsheet, subcontract agreements, insurance requirements, checklists for inspections, checklists for subcontract to ensure you mitigate scope gap and change orders, list of banks that provide construction loans, . One-time fee of $199 to access all forms.

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Krew Construction

We provide programs & consulting services for Owner-Builders. That save them time and money!